How to Expose Your Startup

22 Jun 2018

How to Expose Your Startup

  1. Get involved in local networking events

    Expose your startup to the public by attending local networking events. Networking will help you to introduce your startup to investors or even new customers. However, you cannot just bluntly to go to many events. You need to look for events that relevant to your business and go to events where you can get the opportunity to leverage the exposure of your startups. This kind of event is where not only startup founders like you become the attendee but also the crucial players in the industry such as government, corporates who have interest in supporting startups, and even startup enthusiast who likely can be your future investor or customers.

  2. Publish press releases

    Press release will help your startup to gain more media coverage. You may submit your release directly to news sites that accept press release submissions and earn additional links and exposure or approach journalist of media that relevant to your business for them to cover an article of your startup.

  3. Strong content marketing campaign through social media

    Social media is now playing a crucial role in gaining public exposure. You may utilize several media social platform to reach potential customers and investors. However, you need to create strong content for your startup campaign to attract the engagement of the audience. You may also try to advertise your content to leverage the impact. Yet, you need to be wise in putting which content to be advertised because ineffective social media advertisement can lead to waste your marketing budget.